enabling search folders in OWA without the use of outlook 2003

hi, is there a way to setup search folders in OWA? i know you can do it by using Microsoft Outlook 2003 and disabling cache mode, but i have some users who are solely using OWA, they don't have outlook installed. is there a way to enable search folders in OWA without using outlook 2003? thanks!
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I think the MSFT article covers this quite well.  You have them all you need to do is flip out of cached mode on your full client then they will be 'tranferred' to the server.

Hope this helps
Simple rule with OWA. If you can't see it then it cannot be done.
There are a few exceptions using third party tools - Messageware have a suite of things for OWA that can add a few features but I don't think this is one of them.

The feature you are talking about is an Outlook feature, not an Exchange feature.


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Hi All!
there is one more problem with search folders in OWA (exchange 2010). Search folders does not updates without updating them in ms outlook!

could you suggest anything?
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