DNS domain.com vs www.domain.com internal DNS resolution issue

we have a hosted web site www.abc.com with DNS records maintained by the hosting company to rout mx, mail, smtp, and ftp.  

I had to change their ftp dns entry to point to our new internally(dmz) ftp server we decided to hos ourselves.  (ftp.abc.com)

I created a forward lookup zone on our DNS server abc.com with the FTP record to point to the ftp server in the dmz using the (vlan internal Ip).   After that I wound having to added records for mail and smtp in order to ensure our users were able to route to the hosted IP/servers still.  They had stopped working once I added the the abc.com zone internally.

Question www.abc.com works fine, but I can not nslookup "abc.com" successfully it no longer pingable or resolving with nslookup.  How/can I resolve that for my 'internal' usrs.  Note that externally all is fine, b/c external users are not using our DNS server, but rather the webhosting companies DNS records.

Please help with some suggestions/direction on what to consider next.


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bluetabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try creating a new A record in this domain and leaving the Host blank and put in the web server IP address for the IP.
Open the forward lookup zone for abc.com in your Windows DNS server.  You should have an A record entry for this domain, if you do the name will probably be "same as parent folder" and the IP address will be that of your server.  Edit this entry and put in the IP address of the web server.   Do an "ipconfig /flushdns" and test.
dee30Author Commented:
my  fw lookup zone folder is titled   "abc.com"
within the zone there is no a record "abc.com"
There is a www record which allows www.abc.com  to be resolved
I am trying to figure out how(steps; what/where to add...) and if  even possible to get the literal abc.com to resolve to the external IP representative of it for internal LAN users.  LIteral meanign without the www prefaced "abc.com" .  
dee30Author Commented:
Bluetab... I already figured out a cname of alias record, key leaving the 'host blank', was what I needed.  Since you came back on the same/on track and clearer the second time, I'm awarding you all points.   Thanks.

dee30Author Commented:
correction to my last comment i meant ... cname OR alias
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