Phone line alerting system

I am looking for some kind of phone line alerting system.  What I would like is a piece of software to automatically dial (via modem or even better Skype) my company's 800 phone numbers and if there is no answer it sends us an email warning us that the IVR is down.  

I've googled till I'm blue in the face.Anyone know of anything that can do this?  500 points will be yours!
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kode99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This IVR software will allow you to configure it to place 'reminder type' calls.  You can configure the system so that if the line is not answered it can send a email via  a email plugin module (thats a free extra).  Being a fully programmable IVR platform you could even have it call you as well or do a number of other things.

free plugins,

I beleive you would need the $70 dollar version to get the functionality you want though you can trial it for free.  The software will work with modems,  voip or telephoney cards.

You could use this (or most any setup) with Skype by using a Skype ATA adapter.  This allows any regular analog style phone to place calls over skype service.  I've only seen units that connect via USB to a PC.

Here's an example,

I am not a regular Skype user so I can't comment on how reliable placing calls on SKype would be.  My concern is that this might generate extra false alarms.

An Asterisk setup can also be configured to operate similarly though it has a steeper learning curve especially if you are not linux friendly to start with.
I used to install an alarm part that monitored the line voltage of a phone line so that if the line was cut, then the alarm would sound.  Check out

You have that available to you.  You could also probably do this with a batch script where you have a modem dial the number and report the result.
ista_naAuthor Commented:
IVM was the perfect solution for me, thanks!!  It can do what I wanted right out of the box with just a little configuration.  All I had to do was buy a voice-capable modem (I went with the Zoom 3025) and the software, which was only like $160.

Upon installing it I setup 2 Outgoing Messages (OGMs), one for Answered and one for Unanswered.  Upon Answered, I just tell it to hangup, if it is Unanswered I tell it to email a distribution list via the email plug-in (free download from their site).

For anyone out there in a similar situation, I highly recommend this software.
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