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Cannot open Label Created with Easy Media Creator 9

I am trying to resolve a problem with Easy Media Creator version 9, spcifically Label Creator.  After installing the program, I was unable to change the fonts in any text box.  When I clicked on the down arrow to select the font, the program would crash.  I recently downloaded the version 9.1 update.  Now I can change the font, but when I change the text in one box on a previously saved lable, all boxes change as well.  If I create a new label, I can change the text boxes individually, but if I save the label.  I cannot open it again.  When I open the label, an error box opens with "Out of Memory".  I can still open labels created with earlier versions of Label Creator (with the aformentioned editing problems)., but not newly created labels.

Any advice
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hmm must hurt.
 look if you made designed something using an older version you can't expect the same results when you open the old with a new version of that program.
Out of memory basically means before you allow windows to finish what it doing you start something else and then it hasnt finished this request and you start something else again or open stuff  save changes without waiting till its done so windows runs out of Virtual Memory. If some of your saves were corrupted cause windows had no free VM then they are corrupted.
cleanup your system lots of temp stuff kills the VM slows the system.
A simple program that removes unused and temporary files from Windows machines
try defragging your hard drive and dont over clock your system.
Video stuff draws a lot of memory

eisenbrgAuthor Commented:
No, these aren't the problem.  I would expect differences with opening old vs new, but at least the old I can open (albeit with some issues).  The new, I cannot open at all.
Windows isn't doing anything else.  I have 2 GB RAM and plent of HD.  Vista defrags automatically.  The system is stock (not over anything) and I am dealing with labels, not video.
your running Vista,  is this 32 bit or 64 bit?
I'm not a fan of Roxio personally.
There is obviously a problem with EMC 9 upgrade version as a number of other people are having problems using it.
Did you upgrade from an OEM version?
Try re-installing EMC 9 then  regester it correctly. Make sure your running in the administrative account
when you install it.
Vista is unlike any other OS you can't simply install software anymore and access the system files with-out the correct permissions.
Vista version EMC
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eisenbrgAuthor Commented:
Ther version of EMC9 I am using is the full retail version.  I did have EZCD 6.0 on this system, and it ctually worked for a while unitl Microsoft came out with a "Compatibility Pathc" which not only disabled the Roxio, but made my optical drives disappear.  I needed to completely remove EZCD 6 and edit the registry to get them back.

Anyway, the older version of Roxio was first uninstalled, and the system rebooted, and then EZMC 9 was installed.  the most things worked, but there were several things that didn't, such as changing the font on Label Creator.  I had read that the 9.1 upgrade would fix that.  It did, but now I can't save a newly created label and reopen it.  I was able to do that before the 9.1 patch.

Roxio has made some suggestions, which haven't worked, and the latest is to uninstall and reinstall.  That is the next thing to try.
Hi sorry for the late come back but I work outside of EE,
I dont use Roxiio so all I can offer is some suggestions.
Since your problem is 2 fold one the Font issues and then once saving the lable you cannot open it later, this points to the Fonts must be your problem, what type of fonts are you using?
Maybe the fonts are not windows True fonts.

here is the full manual for EMC9 take a look thru it to the subject on creating disc Labels and inserts page 16. index 235

eisenbrgAuthor Commented:
No, the fonts are all True Type (I don't even bother with anything else).  With the font problem, I couldn't even see the fonts to change; as soon as I click on the down arrow, the program crashes.  In addition, I have no problems with any other program either changing fonts or saving (and reopening) files.
eisenbrgAuthor Commented:
Some additional information.

I completely removed the entire EMC suite (including deleting registry keys, and deleting leftover folders), and followed the instructions from Roxio for a clean install (disable all startup programs, disable windows defender, etc.)

After the install of version 9.0 from the CD, I was again unable to change the fonts in a label (Label Creator would crash).  In addition, Roxio Retrieve (the utility used to restore items backed up with Roxio Backup) would freeze.  However, I could create a new label, save it, and then open the saved label.  I could not, however, open labels saved from version 9.1 from before the uninstall (same Out of Memory error).

I then installed the 9.1 update downloaded from Roxio.  Roxio Retrieve again worked, and I could change fonts in a label.  I could create a new label, save it, and reopen it OK.  I still could not open labels saved earlier (same error).  However, one label I created and then changed the background image, could not be reopened after saving.  The error was that "An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end".  

It seems that some problems have been resolved, but that there is still a very unstable program.  I dont know if any other modules will have problems (for example, before the update, the video capture did not work, but I have not tried it with the update).

I hope to hear any further suggestions over the next several days, but if not, I will accept Merete's solution (suggested a reinstall).

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