Serv-U FTP error

We have a client trying to transfer a file through our VPN into our FTP Server Running Serv-U 5.0.  However, they are receiving the following error message:

EZA1701I >>> SITE VARrecfm LRECL=27998 RECFM=U BLKSIZE=27998
501 SITE option not supported.
EZA1701I >>> PORT 146,203,245,2,7,72
200 PORT Command successful.
EZA1701I >>> STOR
550 Permission denied.

I am unsure as to what this all means, therefore I cannot troubleshoot it.
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this command is failing "EZA1701I >>> SITE VARrecfm LRECL=27998 RECFM=U BLKSIZE=27998" - can you show me the Serv -U log that corresponds to this client login attempt?
JFrusciAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, but I do not have those logs available.  I will have them try to send it again and copy those logs in.
Permission denied error is received generally when there is no write permission to the related folder. If you are not supposed to upload files to a specific directory and you try to upload, you might have received this permission denied error for stor command.
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