Word Merge Document can't seem to "see" my Access Query

I created a query in MS Access that contains the data i want to use as the data source for a MS Word Mail Merge document.
The Problem:  I open the merge document, select "Open Data Source", navigate to the Access DB, but the query i'm looking for doesn't show up on the list of available queries and tables (although all the other queries in that DB do show up).

What gives?
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NeoTeqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm getting the same thing. After a google search here is the reason why:

See 'Technical details'

Currently, there is no way to disable that 'feature', save uninstalling the patch. If what you are doing in the custom function is not too complicated its behavior may be replicated with a set of built in functions. If you can post that here, maybe I can help.
The only thing that comes to mind is that the query is not a SELECT query, but an UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT query. Those would not show up.

Apologies if that's not it though.
med39Author Commented:
It's definitely a SELECT query.  No apology necessary.
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med39Author Commented:
Here's a clue:
The query that MS Word doesn't see has calls to a custom function.  When i take out (of the query) all the fields that call a custom function, Word can see the query.  
Word can also see the query if it has a built-in function (i tested it using the InStr function)
Would it be a correct inference to conclude  that Word cannot use any Access query that includes a call to a custom function?
med39Author Commented:
My work-around is to convert the query to a Make Table query, then use the created table for MS Word's data source.  That adds a few wrinkles, but it works.
med39Author Commented:

Thanks for showing me why i can't do what i wanted to do.  
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