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WatchGuard x1250e Core VPN Trusted

I have a new WatchGuard FireBox X 1250e Core firewall.  The setup is a little different than the Firebox III 1000 that we used before.  I need to get VPN access setup for our remote users.  The .pdf manual that I have from WatchGuard is really ambiguous in outlining the actual steps needed in setting this up.  Also, it wants me to configure a lot of settings (VPN, DHCP, etc) via a browser on the trusted interface.  Well I also can't find how to allow access to this interface.  Please help with these two tasks:

* allowing access to the trusted interface via a browser
* configuration of VPN access

Josh Hind
Josh Hind
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I think you are reading a wrong manual, I think you have manual of Firebox X Edge rather than Firebox X Core.

Please note to configure and manage FB X Core 1250e you need WSM/WFS software which if you dont have you can download from the WG website. Please note, you would need a live security subscription and login to WG website to download the software.

Finally, when you have the software loaded, go to Policy Manager, then go to Setup->Remote user (if you have version 8.3.1 or lower) or to VPN menu -> remote user if you have version 9.0.

Depending on the version the steps would differ; so when you get the software let me know the version, I would update the steps which would help you.

Please update.

Thank you.
Josh HindSystems AdminAuthor Commented:
WatchGuard is a little limited with their manuals.  I got the one I thought was the best fit.

I'm using WatchGuard System Manager 9.0.1.
Before you proceed please make sure you have added the license. From WG System Manager, open Policy Manager, go to VPN->Remote Users; you should be able to add remote users here; please note you have option to add MUVPN users [licensed feature; IPSec VPN tunnel; users would connect using MUVPN software which they need to install on their machines] OR PPTP users [not licensed; clients can connect using Network connections (in-built in windows)].

When you add MUVPN user; you would go through a wizard which would help set access; for PPTP user you need to activate and then add virtual IP.

You would need to add policy to allow access to the remote network; you can add specific services or add ANY Service.

Please advice which user addition you need help with.

Thank you.

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