Trying to setup a Linked Server between SQL 2005 and SYBASE 5.0

I am trying to link a MS SQL 2005 server with a Sybase SQL 5.0 database file.  Has anyone ever had any luck doing this?  What I want to do is connect the SQL box to our Fixed Asset Software (FAS) from Best (SAGE) software company.

I have read several articles and they keep referring to Sybase Anywhere 10.0 drivers for Windows.  I have downloaded and installed Sybase 10.1 drivers and it failes to connect.  I then tried installing FAS to my machine and creating a User DSN.  FAS opens with no issues, but when I try to use a 3rd party tool to connect the 2 servers, I can authenticate to MS SQL but can never connect to the FAS DB.
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Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0 !!!  That, as you might have guessed, is a very antique version.  It is unreasonable to expect that drivers for Version 10 will be backward compatible that far.

Additionally, SQL Anywhere is not really a file-based database like dBase, FoxPro, and Access.  There is an engine process that has to run and connections are made to it.  For convenience, various ODBC drivers provided a way to start the engine at connection time but there was still that running database engine process that you connected to.

SQL Anywhere 5 predates CT-LIB, the current Sybase client connectivity libraries.  It used the older DB-LIB.

Your only hope is that you can find some old SQL Anywhere 5 ODBC drivers and that SQL Server 2005 will let you connect through those.  If not, I believe you are out of luck.

BTW, what is the purpose of the linkage between the two databases?  Are you trying to write SQL Server queries against the other system/db?

roadnrailAuthor Commented:
    Thanks for the information.  Yes I know Sybase 5 is ancient, but the funny thing is that it is what the latest version of FAS (2007.1) uses to run.
     I tried installing FAS on the SQL 2005 server and it errored out.  I did install it on my machine and I can create a user dsn and connect to the bdb file through FAS and everything went through fine.  Just trying to connect to it outside of FAS is where I run into an issue.

     Yes, I am trying to setup a connection between the 2 "databases" so we can DTS and fun stuff like that.  I was hoping that we would be able to do this since exporting as a CSV and then importing it can get tedious.
     I have been trying to find some Sybase 5.0 drivers but so far no such luck.  If I search for a bdb file, it pulls up a lot of Berkly DB stuff, but nothing of any help.

     Thanks for the quick responce and I'll keep looking.
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