Warning 20225 when installing Adobe Acrobat 7

When installing Adobe Acrobat 7.0 in spanish under XP SP2 in spanish too, I received a warning message : The installation program couldn´t create new item Adobe.PDF. Maybe the PDF printer is not available. GetLastError: Can´t find the specified module......
it give me just one option "Accept" and when hit that it continues installing the software and completed succesfully but at the time we need to convert a fword document or spreadsheet to PDF it display an error :  Acrobat PDF Maker --- PDFMaker can´t find the drive for printer Adobe PDF. Install the product again. We already installed again but got the same warning message and same error message when want to convert a file into PDF. Thanks for your support
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this is documented in Adobe KB:

This is a print spooler issue and there are various reasons for the 20225 error.

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Forced accept.

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