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Expanding Partitioned RAID 5

Our Net Admin just left. We've got a Prolient DL380 G4, RAID 5, partitioned to C & D (basic).  I'm fairly sure that if I want to expand the array I've got to backup and restore since it's a software array (ACU), but I just wanted some confirmation from the experts.  I guess if it was a hardware array I could pop in 2 disks, configure the partition to expand the array and then I'd have additional volume, but either way I just need some help from the experts.  What do you guys think?
1 Solution
You need at least 3 disks to make Raid 5.
Just to make sure I understand (I think PUNKY was confused) - you already have a RAID5, probably 3 disks.  Those are probably DYNAMIC disks in Windows.  Assuming that is the case, I'm pretty sure that you can extend the RAID5 in Windows to additional dynamic disks on-the-fly with out reloading, then extend the partitions.  In these cases software raid is usually more flexible than many hardware raid vendors allow.
David WallCommented:
If you are using acu on a HP it is a hardware array and if it is you should be able to expand an array using ACU.

This also assumes you have a raid five array with three or more disks you just add drives and ACU will et you expand the array. Also if you add additional disks dont forget that they should only be the same size as the existing disks. i.e. existing 4 X 36Gb disks the two new ones only need to be 36GB each.

this will give you additional space on the volume which you can either make into new drives (e.g. :e)  or extedd partitions into.

Personally I would be very tempted  to do a cold restore from tape if you are happy doing so. That is back up the machine create a new array thyen restore the system on to the new drives.

Also doing it that way another option may be to create a mirrored pair for you C:drive and a raid 5 array for your d: drive.

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Though I would add the caveat that you take a full backup before trying.
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Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
As WallD says it is pretty straight forwards and can all be done online. It takes a long time (4GB per hour) because it has to maintain parity during the expansion.
Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Objecting to deletion. WallD told him correctly that it is a hardware RAID array and can be expanded by using the ACU. Since vseatech was under the imperssion that it was a software RAID set this info was pretty useful.
David WallCommented:
Thnx Andy
Force accepted.
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