Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 default.aspx no coming up as default page on server 2003

Windows 2003 R2 server with SP2.  Installed Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to the machine and poked a hole in the firewall for 443 (SSL).
I can hit the website but the default document (default.aspx) does not come up automatically.  If I add this to the URL, things work fine.

**So the obvious answer, check your default document tab on the IIS website properties window.  Did that, it doesn't work. Its already there.  I removed index and the others, but nothing changes.**

Its worthwhile to note that this is not the "default website" which is stopped.
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George SasConnect With a Mentor IT EngineerCommented:
That is not a firewall issue then ...
Have you created any site on your Site Collection ? Have you created a Site Collection ?
If you did not then you should create them first.
Open the administration of your sharepoint , go to Aplication management .
Make sure you create or extend a web aplication , then make sure to create a Site Collection.
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Have same problem when on the LAN or only from outside ?
loveboatexpressAuthor Commented:
both places.
loveboatexpressAuthor Commented:
created the web app and it worked.  Thanks!
I'm having the same problem but dont understand the steps GeoSs lists above. My IIS already has 3 sites: Default Web Site, SharePoint - 80, and SharePoint Administration.

SharePoint - 80 is running SSL on 443 and everything is fine but I have the same issue of the site not forwarding to default.aspx from outside the LAN.
I followed your steps up to "create/extend a web application" but because I dont know what I'm supposed to do here and dont want to destroy the working site.
Any further help would be appreciated.
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