Instant stop students internet in classroom from teachers computer.

I want to remotely block all internet access to students in a classroom from the teachers machine. So they can work on local programs and not surf and play games.
As instantly as possible. Be able to instantly turn it back on again.
Switching proxy by policy is to slow and requires a restart of internet explorer.
Possibly blocking port 80?
Using vbscript by preference. Or visual Basic. Very simple on off button required. No comercial programs must be free.
Ideally click on station name and instant bann of internet. Like a traffic light stop and go.
Windows 2003 server and xp machines.
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MogalManicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to set up your teacher machine as a proxy server and point all of the student's computers to your proxy server.  I just did a quick google search for proxy servers on and found this:

It has the ability to limit internet usage.
Bradley HaynesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
harveygsAuthor Commented:
Looking for free software. I would rather have source code to see how it works.  Just very simple no monitoring involved.
REA_ANDREWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it have to be Visual Basic?
harveygsAuthor Commented:
I understand asp, vbscript and simple visual basic. If it is in C  or some other code then a working appliaction is fine. But I could not modify it. I imagined that a teacher could have a list of workstations and click on one that just bans internet. Click on it again to Unban.

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