Second monitor suddenly not recognized.

Second monitor suddenly not recognized by system: windows xp sp2, nvidia, dual samsung monitors working fine; restarted computer, error message for cicero? came up. On restart desktop icons were placed differently and cannot get the second monitor to appear. Connections, etc are exactly as before. Problem doesn't show up in device manager.
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Have you tried nvidias display software? with trying to detect screens?
Also i would have looked at this page:
menlhaAuthor Commented:
i did try the nvidia displa software, but the second monitor is not being detected at all. it is receiving no signal from the computer and puts itself to sleep.
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If you have two connectors (DVI or VGA) on the back of the graphics card change to the DVI Reboot and test :)

Seems like some people having trouble with this setup on 2 analog monitors, try if it works with  a digital monitor (DVI) and an analog monitor (TV via S-Video)
Did you up date the drivers while in dual mode?
On restart desktop icons were placed differently << indicates the display changed maybe after a bad reboot.
Try system restore first..

open device manager"  View " tick to show hidden devices
 Look for list under  OTHER DEVICE section: or yellow question marks uninstall them.
 tap F8 a few times in the avanced options choose start my computer in VGA mode
then re-install the drivers off the nvidia cd. And other programs that come with disc.

This error  message for cicero
Suggested from driver guides for  cicero  Intel Pentium
download and run
EVEREST Home Edition is  a freeware system information, system diagnostics and benchmarking solution
left click computer
left click summary
your video card

menlhaAuthor Commented:
I used Uniblue Reg Booster to repair registry corruption that must have occurred due to the system freeze and restarts related to another submitted question (Firefox and BitDefender). After doing that I was nvidia was able to recognize the other monitor. Redoing all the relevant settings in nvidia then brought the second monitor back.
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