Blackberry Server (BES) installed on the Windows 2003 SBS domain controller?

I made the first visit to a new client today and discovered that a previous tech setup the BES software on the client's only server, the Windows 2003 SBS domain controller.  (It also runs the Exchange server.)  All of the Blackberry services and MAPI profile are running under the Administrator account!  I have three questions below.

I've read the white papers and am experienced in managing all of the software involved--when it is setup as the manufacturers recommend.  

Everything appears to be working correctly (I have not yet had time for a detailed survey of system health.)  The load on the server is very low: 4 users, two of which have blackberries.  So I am not worried about hardware resources in this situation.

1) Upon searching I have seen it mentioned in passing that BES can be installed on the SBS server (along with Exchange.)  Is this true, and if so are there foreseeable problems that may arise from this setup?

I have not investigated all of the security workarounds that had to be implemented to get BES to run under the Administrator account, but based on past experience I know some restrictions had to be lifted from the Administrators group to get BES to function.  (Running SBS SP1 and Exchange SP2.)

2) Since this BES install is running on the SBS server are there any special cases/reasons that would require BES to run under the Administrator account?

3) If not, I plan to create a "BESADMIN" account with the recommended permissions and run the BES server under that.  What steps will need to be taken to resecure the administrator account?
Adam RayAsked:
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I've installed BES Express on SBS's without any problem whatsoever.

Be sure to follow Gary's Guide to doing this though...

Adam RayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.  Unless I hear otherwise I'll take that to mean the two can run in harmony when configured properly.

Does anyone what will likely have to be done to resecure the administrator account to it's default rights?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Actually it's not that loose... if you read through Gary's how-to.. you'll see that all you add is "Log on Locally" and "log on as a service".  Those are already enabled on the built-in administrator account.

Then the only other things are the Send as and receive as permissions on the mailbox... no big deal to leave those alone.


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Adam RayAuthor Commented:
With the release of the Blackberry Proffesional Software, this seems to be a moot point.  As BPS is pretty much functionally equivelent to BES (for the Small Business market) and certified to run on Exchange servers.

Note: There are differences (mainly no MDS) between BPS and BES, so be sure to do your homework before "upgrading" your BES to BPS, but it seems to be a good idea since it uses less reasources.
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