SME 7.2 loading for first time and tuck on PCI: Probing PCI hardware (bus 00)

Hi i am hoping someone can help me with this.
i am just loading linux SME 7.2 into a computer that has only just been built.
everything starts going well when it boots up onto the SME 7.2 CD and it starts off by giving you a menu, i just type SME and press enter. It goes though alot info but it stops at PCI: Probing PCI hardware (bus 00) an stays there. i have waited for about 30min and this does nothing.
i have tryed typng a few things like -SME noprobe, noprobe etc
the computer that is running this is:
intel core 2 duo 2.33
1 gig ram
2x 320 hard drivers running raid
and a intel dg33tl motherboard
i know it is highly spec for the job but its got to last.
there is a pci slot but there is nothing in it.
hope you can understand me!
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AlexthekiwiAuthor Commented:
i have solved it! so dont worry thanks but all i had to do is put a graphics card into the computer because the os doesnt seem to do onboard!
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