How do I have multiple Activity Logs track Emails, Journal Entries, Notes etc. if I have multiple users all with owner right of Public Contact Folders?

We have 10 users at our office that run Outlook 2003 as the driving force of all our emails, journal entries, tasks, etc. and we all share Owner Rights to a public folder which consists of Contact Databases.  When right clicking on a particular Contact Group, and choosing "Properties" then "Activites" you are given the option of making a new Activity Log.  After choosing the required fields, naming the Log and saving, all activities that occur referencing any and all contacts in that particular contact folder get monitored.  When opening a contact in its individual view, and then going to "Activities" there is a drop down that allows you to choose one of the Activity Logs.  Now, if everyone in the office does this exact process for all of the Contact Groups in the Public Folders, only the last person to "Apply" the Activity Log can view their activites.  And no one can view the activities of others.  

Idealy, I would like each of us to be able to view any of the 10 users' activity logs.  

Is this possible?
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davecorunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your best bet is to simply share out the Activity Log on each of the 10 people's outlook files.  Other users can then consume this list by going to File | Open | User's Folder.

I'm not surprised the last person resets the activity log in the public folder.  It's typically not something that is meant to be "shared" among users.

If you find that you are outgrowing your current solution, I'd take a look at Microsoft Small Business Server.  I believe it still ships with a version of Exchange Server which will make sharing content much easier among users.
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