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Each time i add a new recipient policy to exch2003. Our RUS server stops stamping new email addresses. I know it is due to a facsys application that used to be on an old 5.5 exchange server now decomissioned and has been for a long time. Within all teh recipient policies this @facsys appears. IS there somewhere other then where i change it below to completely remove this out of Exchange so each time i add  a recipient policy this does not get added.. Below is the steps i need to do to get Rus to stamp addresses again:

a.  Start ADSI Edit.
b.  Expand the Configuration container.
c.  Expand Services, click Microsoft Exchange, click Organization Name, and then click Address Lists Container.
d.  Click Recipient Update Services.
e.  In the right pane, right-click a Recipient Update Service, and then click Properties.
f.  In the Select a property to view box, click gatewayProxy.
g.  In the Values box, click the address type that is experiencing this issue, and then click Remove.  
h.  Click OK, and then quit ADSI Edit.
3. In Exchange System Manager, click Recipient Update Services under Recipients.
4. Right-click a Recipient Update Service in the right pane, and then click Update Now to trigger the Recipient Update Service to update objects. Do this for each Recipient Update Service in the right pane.
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cancervicConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Contacted Microsoft and here is the resolution for other users going through the same pain

- Orphaned references to an unused 3rd party address generator had interfered with address generation for new recipient policies

- In adsiedit: CN=Configuration > CN=Services > CN=Microsoft Exchange > CN=organisationname > CN=Address-Types - deleted the address-type reference for the fax software
- With adsideit: CN=Configuration > CN=Services > CN=Microsoft Exchange > CN=organisationname > CN=Recipient Policies - checked and removed the fax software email address reference from gatewayproxy & disabledgatewayproxy for each Recipient Policy
- Restarted Exchange services + SMTP
- Created new recipient policy for existing user
- Applied recipient policies
- Rebuilt RUS
- Forced replication between DCs with replmon
- The new recipient policy email address was stamped on the user

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