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Error with VBScript class instantiation

I have the following class created:

      Class ErrObject
            Dim ErrorArray

            Private Sub ErrorObject_Initialize
            End Sub

            Sub addError(errorValue)
                  ' Expand size of array by 1
                  Redim Preserve ErrorArray(UBound(ErrorArray)+1)

                  ' Append error code to array
                  ErrorArray(UBound(ErrorArray)) = errorValue
            End Sub

            Function printError(beforePrintText, beforeErrorItemText, AfterErrorItemText, AfterPrintText)
                  Dim r

                  r = beforePrintText
                  for each x in ErrorArray
                        r = r & beforeErrorItemText & getErrorMessage(x) & afterErrorItemText
                  r = r & afterPrintText
                  printError = r
            End Function
      End Class

I also have the following call to this class:

            Dim eo
            eo = New ErrObject

However, when I attempt to load the page, I get this error:
Microsoft VBScript runtime  error '800a01b6'
Object doesn't support this property or method

Is there something I'm doing wrong? This seems like a pretty obvious thing.
1 Solution
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
you missing "Set"

            Dim eo
            Set eo = New ErrObject
jameswaltAuthor Commented:
wow... that was way too easy. lot of wasted time for something so silly.


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