Computer won't wake up from sleep via IR media center remote or keyboards sleep button

My computer will not wake up from sleep using either the media center pc remote or the sleep button on the keyboard.  My computer is a vista 64-bit.  Also, i notice the only way I can get it back from sleep it to push the power button on the computer and that wakes the PC back up.  And when I do press the power button sometimes the computer wakes up and is frozen completely and I need to reboot.  Please let me know what to look for.  Thanks
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this will help,looks like known problem:
demarinersAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I have a MCE remote and that will not work nor will the sleep button on my wireless usb keyboard.  I am trying to find out more ifno on the S3 registry hack.  What is that and do you have any ideas?
demarinersAuthor Commented:
Ok I got it, my motherboard has a jumper for USB wake up on sleep mode S3.  So I set that and now it works.  Still no dice on the keyboard waking it up but I dont care.  I just need my remote to do it.  Thanks for the help.
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