Flexgrids, Comboboxes and Datepickers - How to control

I have a VB6 application that uses a touch screen rather than a keyboard and mouse.  In some instances data is  selected from flexgrids, comboboxes and date pickers.

My problem is that the scroll bars on the flexgrids the pull down button on the comboboxes and date pickers are too small for selection by a finger tip.  So either how do I make these bigger or how do I "copy" the code that is executed when these parts of the controls and only those parts are "clicked" on, then I can issue those commands from inside a larger control that I can design.
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VernsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can change the width of the scrollbars etc using the system settings api details at

Does increasing the Font Size to maximum (24) help enough?
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