How can I change a photos dpi

I have taken a lot of photos on a FinePix S9600 9 megapixel camera and want to create a collage of 220 of them.  The photos have attributes 3488x2616x26b jpegs.

When I copy photos into publisher to create the collage the image is sized as if it will be printed at 72dpi (I think) with these measurement dimensions.

I presume I will really want the photos in at about 1200 dpi for when I print them so they dont look grainy.

How do I change the attributes so the photo is at 1200 dpi instead of 72 so when I drag the photos onto my sheet it is the correct size?
Paul BurrowsAsked:
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HappyladConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to go to the Image menu, select Image Size. The pop up window open, then in the document size, change the DPI. If you don't want the Pixel Dimension to change, make sure you deselect Resample Image at the bottom.
Hope that help.
Paul BurrowsAuthor Commented:
Is there any was of automating so I can set parameters for all photos?

Just to save me doing this 218 times
Paul BurrowsAuthor Commented:
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