Play avi file from a stream

Hello Experts!
    Please help me how to play avi file from database, i need play on memory stream not have to save to harddisk.
    i known there free TMediaPlayerMemoryFile ( but it do not come with any demos.
    Very thanks if post with full sample!
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2266180Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I transformed the project into a component + demo.
it took me a few hours. I have to get back to paid projects :) I'll add more to it tomorrow.
as I see there, he is using MCI to play from a stream, however, at first glance, I didn't see exactly how to use it either.
but, you can use one of my 2 examples from here:
you have an MCI solution, which does not requre extra stuff, and a DSPack solution, which of course requires the DSPack components.
you can easily adapt whichever solution you prefer, using a blobstream for example. (depends though how the multimedia is stored in the DB)
j88Author Commented:
Hello ciuly!
   Thank you for quick reply and your demos, i ran your mciStreamPlayer and thinking it need for my program. Could you please modify your code for me? i'm not sure i can make it best.
   Some events as Mediaplayer:
 - mciStreamPlayer open (play) a stream.
 - Stop
 - Pause
 - Close
 - And can continuous with another stream....

Sorry for my bad Delphi.  
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I don't have the time right now so you'll have to wait a few days. post a reminder message here in about 3 days (meaning next monday).
j88Author Commented:
Good morning ciuly!
  As you told to me, now i post a reminder message here.
ok. thanks :) I will get to this sometime today
j88Author Commented:
Thank for your help, ciuly! enhance your mciStreamPlayer when you have free time.
thanks, I will post here when it's done. I wrote some stuff yesterday evening as well, but not completed.

more maybe tomorrow or next week :)
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