Directory services could not start because the network password is not correct.

I have a single domain controller that crashed and I had to rebuild the SBS 2003 OS and I have a backup of the system state on tape that failed so I used the backup of the system state that we had on disk.  I was unable to boot into the OS but I was able to get into DSRM with no problem.  I determined that the problem was that the system was looking for the active directory database in the wrong location, so I used the ntds tools to move the working directory, database, backup and log files to C:\Windows\ntds folder.  I also ran an integrity check on the database and that was successful.  I tried to boot into the OS and recieved a different error then my original one and I am getting "The Directory Services could not start because the specified network password is not correct.  It looks like when it is preparing network connection for login then it fails with this message.  I already tried changing all the services to local system and not network services, I tried disabling some services but I am really stuck at this point, does anyone have any suggestions?
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ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't tell you if this information will help. These are just sites I have been looking at as homework. I am researching methods to troubleshoot various fixes across the board.

Network Password Recovery:

Recovery Console Password reset:

Domain administer password reset:

Usually this web site information is pretty good.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
This is a situation when having multiple Domain Controllers would really have paid for itself.
Have you tried an authorative restore of Active Directory?.
Failing this your only alternative may be to re-create the domain.
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