ASA 5520 with two internet feeds


Can the ASA 5520 handle two different internet feeds? This is not for Load balancing but we want one client to have a 1MB link and the rest of the servers to have another 20mb link.

So --

|||||||||COLO NETWORK||||||||||
     |                          |
1mb feed           20mb feed
     |                          |
|||||||||||ASA 5520|||||||||||||
     |                                  |
!!|DMZ1/VLAN1|||     |||DMZ2/VLAN2|||


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Yep. Catch 22.
Use PIX for gateway for 1Mb pipe, use ASA for gateway for 20Mb pipe. Two totally different appliances, goal achieved, VPN's stay.
Short answer is no.
Longer answer is that the ASA can handle two feeds but only for failover and not for load sharing.
The issue is that there can only be one default route at a time.

grantblAuthor Commented:
ok. I have been told the PIX can do it so would have thought the ASA could as well.
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PIX can't do it either.
What you are looking for is Policy Based Routing which is not supported on either platform.
The only way I can think of to make it work would be to run the ASA in multiple context mode which creates 2 independent "virtual" firewalls, each with their own routing and access rules.
grantblAuthor Commented:
mmm fair enough. Maybe the NOC guys will full out it when they come up with the solution for the pix. Pity throws that plan out the Windows as if we use the conext mode we cannot use VPNs....

Thanks anyways.
grantblAuthor Commented:
yeah we are moving from one Data centre to another and the PIX aint ours but will be buying the ASA's.

But hang on I have a 506E lying about :).
Forced accept.

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