SBS Exchange received email is not visible

Hi There,
I have a compleet installed version of SBS 2003 std running. Everything seems to run ok. After i configured the sbs pop3 connector to the server of my isp It started to download all email to my sbs server.  Looking in event viewer it tells that 8 messages are downloaded from the server and stored into mailbox beheerder. When i check the Exchange system manager mailbox information it tells that it has some emails (8) .When i try to read my mail the mailbox beheerder it is empty I've also installed a copy of outlook and connected it to exchange. Then imported all saved mail from a pst file to exchange. After restarting the server still all todays new email is not visible. Checking System manager mailbox again for Exchange all imported email.
During the installation i have configured the Exchange datanases to store it's information on a d:\ drive which has movre free space available.

Can someone help me to restore the "lost email" in Exchange ??

Thanks in advance, Stekker
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Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
if you loose emails whent he pop3 connector downloads mail, they are basicly gone. thats why pop3 is so bad for mail, you want to get SMTP setup asap for exchange.

The 8 "emails" you see in your mailbox can be sent items, contacts, calender items, not just mail, i would suggest looking at your email addresses in AD to make sure the correct emails are going to your user account.

Also make sure you run the Internet Connection Wizard in the todo list, as this will configure SBS properly for email.

Good luck.
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