Eclipse CDT outline view does not work for imported C++ files

I am using Eclipse 3.3.0 and CDT 4.0.1  and subclipse 1.2.4

My problem is that for all C++ files (e.g. tableModel.C) checked out from my subversion server via subclipse the Eclipse outline view remains empty. However, If I manually create a new C++ project within Eclipse and one test file main.C and copy the contents of tableModel.C into main.C, then for main.C the outline view is nicely populated with all symbols, functions etc.

How can I have the same behaviour for my checked-out projects? Is there a project setting or something similar which I may have overlooked?

Oh, and *I* am not a guru on this subject as I mistakenly indicated. I rather think it needs a guru to answer it 8v).

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adrpoConnect With a Mentor Commented:


Have you created also a C/C++ project for the Subversion repository?
If the C/C++ files are not in a C/C++ project I don't think the C outline will work.
I believe the same holds true if you have a different perspective than C/C++ active.

fritzkeAuthor Commented:
That worked. Specifically I had used the option

- "Check out as a project in the workspace" and the outline view did not work in this case.

Now I am using

- "Check out as a project configured using the New Project Wizard"

everything seems to be fine. I only have to type in the project name by hand with the second option whereas in the first case it was automatically preset to be the same as in the SVN repository.

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