Can you monitor printing

e.g a user prints a doc and the same doc is copied or registered elseware with out he user knowing?

a lot of steps are taken to prevent data theft, but the system does allow print outs, and we have som esuspect users but all we see in event viewer is document title, would be nive to know what it actually is there printing.

windows 2003 client xp
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This software may answer some of your questions:

Not sure if you can view the entire document that has been printed though. Maybe this site has a product you are looking for....they have 30 day trials also, so knock yourself out:
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
There is no way of doing this natively in Windows 2003/XP and I don't know of any utility either (it would use a lot of disk space if it had to store an copy of everything printed)
mhamerAuthor Commented:
yeah had looked, disk space not an issue really  was hoping someone had done it before
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