failed backups in sbs 2003 R2 - recommendations ?

Our SBS's NTbackup is failing each night with these messages:

Warning: Unable to open "E:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-1540771670-1224408490-1798566691-1159\De19970.EML" - skipped.
Reason: Access is denied.

a) recyclers is a hidden folder and I manually added it to the excluded list, but
b) I would think the recycle bin would be excluded by default?
c) we have trend micro CSM and I guess these eml files are emails with viruses.  Is there a way to delete them completely rather than put them in the recycle bin
d) any other thoughts / comments / recommendations
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Zak_McKrackenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a: Good
b: You mean you haven't met a user who uses the recycle bin as more storage?  Its a by design because stupid people use computers.
c: see below
d: you might want to secure access / develop policy for administration on this server, on the basis that CSM doesn't utilise the recycle bin.

**Ensure you have valid and working backups before performing steps in this sugestion**

Empty the recycled bin (by the user that put the files into the bin).  I didnt' think that ESM moved the emails to the recycle bin - I believe that this would have been done by an administrator cleaning out the quarantine folder.

If you've only got the one administrator user who logs onto the server, emptying the recycle bin should resolve this issue.  If you've tried this already, work out which user(s) logged onto the server, and go and empty their recycle bin.

Failing that, try hard deleting the recycler folder on the E:\drive.  

dan_blagutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can delete all files without passing by recycle bin: Rigth click on Recycle bin -> Properties -> Check Don't place the files in recycle bin... But after that be carefull with delete key....

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