Creating new jobs using Backupexec 11d

We have recently installed Backupexec 11d on one of our new servers (presently in a hosted environment). I now need to configure the backup schedule jobs on it, so that the data on that local server gets backed up througth the week (Mon-fri). We have 5 DAT-72 tapes and the in-built tape drive.

My query is does anybody have a step-by-step procedre to configure the backup schedule. Any suggstions/links shall be very much appreciated.
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This isn't exactly step by step but click Backup, this will open the backup dialog box where you can select options on the left side of the screen and configure the options on the right side of the screen.
The last option on the left under Frequency is Schedule.  On the right, select the option, run according to schedule then click the edit schedule details.  This will open the Schedule box.  You can select the "days of the week" option and tick the days you want the backup to run.  Then select Time Window and enter the time you want the job to start.
The administrator Guide which comes along with the software should guide you well.
nvrkakarlaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your promt reply!

I was wondering how to setup the media. This is where I am bit confused with the media sets, media vaults, the overwrite protection times, the devices etc.

I would appreciate if someone could guide me in this regard!

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Are you looking for a backup strategy? Its easy to configure the backup using the wizard, no rocket science required. All you need is to either perform FULL backup (which backups everything in one go) everyday or setup a incremental backup (which only backups the "changes").

How much data do you have on your server? Its very easy and simply to setup a FULL backup as all you need to do is to change the tape the next day. Since you have DAT2 tape I can't see the reason why you need incremental (incremental backup still requires you to perform a FULL backup to start with!!).
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