Failed to create the mailbox with error 0x50c

I'm getting strange errors and i think they're all related to the same issue.  I'll post one of them here, and hopefully it will point to a global problem.

I've deleted users from AD, and their mailboxes have been purged from Exchange.  But I"m getting an event log error:

Failed to create the mailbox of /Odomain=/OUdomain=/cn=Recipients/cn=username with error 0x50c

Additionally, though this user is no longer a member of any distribution lists now that i've removed the user account, people are getting undeliverable errors for this address.  Do I have a lingering object somewhere?  If so, how can I clean it up?  Also, distribution lists aren't showing up in GAL in a timely manner. Lastly, I've organized AD so that I have users separated into their own OU's for simplicity.  Now, when some users send to an all employees distribution list which had been set up prior to the ou creation, random people are getting undeliverables to some of the names on the all employees list.  Is this common?  Do I have to remove and re-add those people to the distr lists?  

I tried looking through adsiedit for the object in case it was hanging out there but was unable to find it.
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try to update your recepients policy in Exchange System Manager
IDPIncAuthor Commented:
I'd previously tried that method, but no dice.  Also tried to rebuild.
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IDPIncAuthor Commented:
let me rephrase.  I reran the RUS, and rebuilt RUS.  When you say update the Recipients Policy, do you mean to force it to apply the policy?  Or to edit or rewrite the policy.  

The undeliverable messages is almost certainly down to a delegate somewhere. That is covered many times so should be easily found in the database.

Are you getting any other errors in the event log around this time?
Is the system attendant running?

I suspect that there is something with this account still hanging around in the domain somewhere.


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IDPIncAuthor Commented:
can you suggest a search phrase for the delegate of which you speak?  

The system attendant is running,  No other significant errors.  I agree there's something hanging around, I just wish I could find it.  
IDPIncAuthor Commented:
Nevermind, I just got the delegate thing. where can I find it lurking......
IDPIncAuthor Commented:
That link suggests installing SP2 for exchange, and that's already installed.  Is there any way to force an Exchange cleanup?
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