Can you use SATA for Exchange 5.5???

Ok, a real simple question.

My Exchange server is dieing. Database maybe corrupt. I have all the info to try to save it.

My question is, can I run it on SATA drives? Currently on a 2.8Ghx Xeon, 2gig of RAM, all SCSI.

I want to use for the time being, Core 2 duo E6400, 2x 80 gig SATA RAID 1 for the boot, and 2 x Raptors in RAID 1.

Will this work until my new server arrives? ? I have about 50 users. I know with IDE there is major lag. SATA I'm not too sure with.

Please time is a big issue. I need an answer about the hardware, not about how to fix it. and restore the database. I know how to do all that.  Again, time is a big thing.   I need to start now, to recover. I'm in the process in starting the new server with SATA drives.
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Short answer - YES! Typical sata HDD run at around 10K RPM so you'll be alright to use it until your new box arrives.

Sounds like you're having fun :)
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
Yeah, loads. ;)

Monday, My RAID 1 array looses one drive, but the "Good" Drive has bad blocks. Yipee!

I was able to recover the Array without any issues, but it would seem the data loosing its integrity.

MSExchangeIS (1888) Synchronous read page checksum error -1018 ((1:397774 1:397774) (0-25758154) (0-33882668)) occurred. Please restore the databases from a previous backup.

MSExchangeIS (1888) A read of the database file H:\exchsrvr\MDBDATA\PRIV.EDB between offsets 0x00000000611CF000 and 0x00000000611CFFFF failed after 16 failed read attempts with error -1018. There is a software or hardware problem affecting the database drive that must be corrected to preserve database integrity.

I built a new server off my network to make sure that the database is in fact good, which it was, well as of yesterdays offline backup it was. Looking at the event viewer, I would think not... But I'm going to cross my fingers and try to recover it. If I still get errors after the new one is in place, then I'm goingh to have fun with PST files, to export all of our data. Yipee again...
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
New box is a core 2 duo QX6600, 3 gig of RAM, Two 74 gigers RAID 1, two 147 gigers RAID 1. Separate RAID cards for each array.. VXA-2 tape backup.....etc...

I have to build it. The only way to do it.
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JoeteckAuthor Commented:
Anyone else agree or disagree with Stashio?
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
I will award the points soon as the server is a few hours...
For low end end servers SATA is fine. I run my home server on SATA. However once you start getting more users then it is best to switch to SCSI/SAS drives.


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Isn't this really a question about the O/S? If your operating system can handle SATA, any application should run just fine. Disk data transfer speed may be an issue, but unless it's running close to its limits now shouldn't a modern SATA drive setup be OK? The latest SATA specs seem to be quite OK for speed...
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
Its not a low end server. 17gig data base for 45 users... Seems to be working...Fine.
JoeteckAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your responses!
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