GroupWise 6.5 - Clicking on Spell Check 'Closes' the GroupWise Client

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As the topic above states, using GroupWise from within a Terminal Services client, actually Citrix. We can see that while composing a new Email and clicking 'Spell Check' from the tools menu, GroupWise decides to close itself completely. Thus preventing any user to spell check their emails. Has anyone encountered this problem before? logging in via administrator solves the issue, but only administrator is working. I'm guessing there are permission errors somewhere, could someone shed some light?
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MarkMichaelAuthor Commented:
I looked for the GroupWise files that are used and are normally in the current user profile. These should have been located in the Test User profile at c:\documents and settings\Test\
The files were not here.

I checked registry where the files were linked to:

In registry item: HKCU\Software\Novell\User Word List
The registry stated that they should be at: C:\documents and settings\administrator.FHA\

Obviously, normal users do not have access to this directory. I copied all the files to C:\documents and settings\all users\  and changed the registry to the correct all users path.

All sorted :)
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