How to Optimize Adobe PDF File with XML Form

Hello, I have an Adobe file which has editable fields that a customer can fill out by simply typing in the appropriate areas.

However, the file size is about 5 MB and I want to shrink it down.  I tried to Reduce File Size in Adobe Professional, but I get this error "This PDF contains an Adobe XML form. Such PDFs cannot be optimized".

Is there another way around this?

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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
There are two different methods to create a PDF form in Acrobat: With the standard Acrobat tools, or with the standalone Designer application. In the first case, you end up with a "real" PDF file, which can be processed by Acrobat (and for example you could run it through the Optimizer to reduce the file size). When you use Designer, you are creating XML forms that are only wrapped in PDF. Acrobat cannot do anything with these files besides displaying them and collecting form input. You have to use Designer to edit these forms. As far as I know, Designer does not allow you to optimize the file, so you would have to start with a new form, and create it in a way that it does not use that much space. One option would be to base your form on a PDF file that is already optimized for size, and add the form fields to that file.

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