.pst locks and user can not acces. Only thing that fix's is to reboot server where .pst is stored.

My customer has sbs2003 and runs outlook 2003 on his desktop. He is fine al day long but after he has shut down his outlook and pc for the night when he comes in the next days his outlook tells him it can not open his outlook.pst because it is in use. It resides on a private folder on the server. Only resolve is to reboot the server.
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kristinawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
pst files were meant to be stored locally, nowhere else. storing them on servers can cause major issues -

and in fact, MSFT considers it an unsupported scenario

so in short, put the pst on his local drive.
Gives your backup sollution error messages when backing up this folder?
I suggest you to do a Detect and Repair on his outlook first. Post here if it doesn't resolve your problem.
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