Creating a Website with Forums and articles help!!

Hi experts,
I am planning to develop a website with forums and articles in .Net. I need suggestions how to maintain the articles in my website. Is it good to store the data in the file system or in the database. when i see the domain offers to host my website, the cost of Database memory is more than a file system memory. Is there anyway i can host it in my own computer at home. Thanks in advance
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IMHO Data should be stored in a database - this should be especially true of text based content (such as a forum or web articles)

Databases are much easier to manage than flat file based systems and generally much more robust.

Files and pictures are generally better off stored in the file system and referenced from the database - it is possible to store the in the database (which makes things like backing up the database easier) however this practice is generally frowned apon.

Web space is usually shared between all web components - ie 1 gig can be 1 meg of database and the rest for file system or vice versa.

Any particular reason why dot net?

Why not PHP & SQL?

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
computer12Author Commented:
DeeEmm: I am a .net developer so, i prefer going to .Net.
I am looking at the appearance of this website. I liked it verymuch. Does any one have an idea how this is developed...i mean using any graphic software to develop the buttons and colors of the headers.
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