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I have a bunch of Word docs that are in the new (.docx) format.  There are several users on my network this are still user the older version of word (.doc).  Does anyone know of a simple conversion utility that I could use to convert a .docx to a .doc?
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Docx is the new file extension standard for ms word 2007 documents, you can load the documents into ms word 2007 and then "save as" office 97-2003 document.
However if you need a utility that will convert you can try this one:
hth, iamgibbon.
Install the Converter Files for previous versions of Office and they can open the 2007 files themselves.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

Works in Office 2000 and higher
After install the converter remember apply Microsoft Updates for this product, there are some vulnerabilities detected!
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go95Author Commented:
geneus.......i installed the specified file.  It works for excel but not word.  Any thoughts?
Today I am used the converter from docx to doc (2007 to 2003) with succesfull result.
What problem do You have with .docx?

It should work with DOCX files.  I am using the converters on my Office 2003 system without issue.

I have run into an issue however with some PPTX files that may turn out to be the same issue that your are having.  I found some that were generated by ASP and the PPTX file was not fully formed.  I was able to open directly in Powerpoint 2007 but not using the converter even though I am able to open other PPTX files, both server generated and saved from Powerpoint 2007.

Download this file from Microsoft and see if it converts properly:


Also, what version of Word are you using?
I just wanted to state because it was not out at the time of this question that there is an compatibility pack available from Microsoft that lets people with older versions of Word view .DOCX files.


Here is the link.
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