Corrupt Excel Files

Hi Experts,
A user's hard disk was formated but i  managed to recover the data back using Easy Recovery Professional but unfortunately all the excel files which i recovered can can open.They are opening in a format which can't be recognised or they are just blank sheets.Is there a tool i can use to repair the files?
Any help will be highly appreciated.
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Then I'm afraid there isn't much you can do.
I've haven't used it, but you can try this:
Maybe it will recover a better version of the file

Have you checked the sizes of the files? If they are all the same sizes then probably something either went wrong with the recovery or you recovered files which were stale. I'd rerun a recovery software (I use getdataback, it has usually done the best job). Scan the disk with it, then if the files look OK register it so you can copy the files off.
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kanyimboAuthor Commented:
I tried GetDataBack but all the file recovered were empty.It's only Easy Recovery Professional which recovered file but they are corrupt.
Forced accept.

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kanyimboAuthor Commented:
GetBackData did not work.I also tried using Easy Recovery and Final Data Enterprise but they all couldn't recover the data
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