Mac G5 can only print as system administrator

Hey there Experts,

I have had an absolute nightmare with a mac machine over the last few days. The first thing that happened was Adobe Version Cue from CS2 started to show a cross on the leaf icon at the top righthandside of the screen. Then all printing stopped, and Photoshop wouldnt load. I then tried uninstalling CS2, but still unable to print. Then logged in as the system administrator (root) which WAS able to print - great. But, even creating a new user/profile still is unable to print.

Entourage and some other apps show the error not enough RAM when trying to print and Word just helpfully says 'could not print'. There is 4GB of RAM in there and it does print from the root user.

I am unable to see why the root user can print but alll other users cannot. Maybe permissions settings have changed? But I do not know how to check this. I realise that a last resort would be to reinstall the OS, but would love to try some fixes before that!!

If anyone has some help, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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Use this Utility to repair your Printer Settings (unix Cups) - Printer Setup Repair 5.1

YOU can find a nice set of utilities for your mac here
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