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Dear Experts,
I got this problem, I tried simple example of using a web services, most of the example are like "Hello world" or stuff like that, just to give the basic & that stuff are working... now

Let say I want some more professional. I made MIDlet that thru a Servelet on Tomcat query the db & got back a result. The result are of course made of rows & columns.

Let say I got 30 rows of 5 columns & the column are (of course with different value):
ItemType - InStock - Commited - OnOrder - Supplier
 NYBCR2     2000       145        800         KOLON
So my question is, working with Axis2 (POJO), how should I create my Java Class? Im asking that coz now I created a Java class that do that:

    Public String getAvailability(String ItemType, int InStock, int Commited, int OnOrder, String Supplier)

The problem is when I got back the response inside SOAP in the result tag I got I unique string with all the value, what I should get insted is something like

 so in my client app, I can parse it
 In some way I got the feel that I didn't understand very well how to work with Axis. Anyway Im new with Web Services and I started direct with a tools that do a lot of stuff, instead start everything from scratch that is hard but help more to understand the whole picture
 Can somebody give me some suggestion, counsel... any help
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
gokyo66Author Commented:
This could help is wel done, but any other more direct help?
gokyo66Author Commented:
Thx anyway that link helped me.

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