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print control software

I have several priters-Plotters (ip-based) and want to control the printing with print control software. in other words to generate reports of how many paper printed, from which computer, date and no of copies ..etc.  

Can you suggest a software that can do that. I do have a win2003 server but don't want to use it as print server. I would like to use the ip based solution. thanks!
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I'm not sure how many printers you are looking to monitor. This site offers a free trial and pricing from $149.00 to $1949.00 depending on printer numbers.
In addition, their software is web based so that you can view reports from any browser.
This site offers a free trial as well and for about $600 you get unlimited monitoring.
This software utilizes web based viewing as well. Free trial offered.
fm250Author Commented:
But they both require print server.

You will have to use some sort of server to get everything you want, especially the control part.  Most likely each printer does have an interface and you can see some of the info (i.e. # of pages printed) in that interface.  That can usually be seen by typing the printer's IP address in your browser window.  However in most cases this won't keep track of machines and certainly can't know about other printers.  There is the chance you could find a third party program to get the total pages printed from each printer but without a central server there is no way to manage or know things like which machines.  An IP connection and built in abilities of the printer won't be enough for all of that info.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

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You talk about "printer/plotters". To me that inplies large format printers (i.e D or E size - A0 or A1). For those printers a page count is pretty irrelevant. How do you compare an E-size line drawing to an Letter full-colour image? Large format printers in general do not keep track of page counts either, for the same reason.

It would help if you could tell us the make and model of the printers you are talking about. Some (Xerox & Fiery) desktop printers keep an internal job log with all the info you require. All others require software either on a server, or on every PC. An example of the latter is PrintAudit. See:

fm250Author Commented:
I have kip3000, but there is software comes with it for that. I am left with HP DesignJet 800PS which is the  most important to keep log for (or print statistics).
I have some other ones like HP Officejet Pro K850 and HP Color LaserJet 3600 and some other brothers.
fm250Author Commented:
any other comments especially for HP DesignJet 800PS. Thanks

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