IMAP/POP3 Certificate issues

I have a single Exchange 2007 server that was upgraded from an Exchange 5.5 organization. This is new hardware and a new install. The issue I am having is with certificates and pop3/imap/smtp.

We purchased a 3rd party certificate called I have installed the certificate for use with IIS for Outlook Web Access. I am trying to tie the same certificate to POP3, IMAP, and SMTP services. I have set the ssl bindings for IMAP and POP3 using the information here :

i have enabled the certificate for use with IMAP and POP3. I am unable to get secure or unsecure connection via pop or imap. I am using ports 995 for pop and 993 for imap. When I try to telnet to those ports I get -ERR Connection is closed. 13 & * BYE Connection is closed. 14.

i am at a loss. Anyone know how I can make this work?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Get your hands on PowerGui from 
There is a certificate module in there for Exchange 2007 that makes installing the certificate much easier.

On the protocol itself, have you tried simply turning off the secure option to see if you can get them to work on the default ports (110/143) ?


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bacchus1106Author Commented:
Great Tool! It certainly helped me take a look at the setup of the server. thanks for the link. However I think the link is

Anyway, that didn't solve my problem. Apparently I had deleted the mail.domain.local self sign certificate and that caused the imap and pop services to stop working on ssl. thanks for the insight. I am going to post another question about the specific setup for using certificates. Thanks!
I have abaused my page admin rights to correct the URL for anyone who looks at this question in the future.

Exchange Server Zone Advisor.
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