What is the FUNCTION of "BOBA Local Admin Group?"


1. The consultant mentioned something related to "BOBA local Admin Group"
2. Say it the company is "BOBA"
3. The consultant needs this "BOBA local Admin Group" will be taken out for some users
4. My questions: i) The first: How to create this "BOBA local Admin Group?" (Where to do it? at AD users & computers ? Give the Path please), ii)The second: Why does the consultant request this group to be taken out from some users? (So what is the FUNCTION of this Local Admin Group?), The third: I heard that if we put a "Domain Users" on a computer, that computer will have the right as "Local Admin Group", IS IT RIGHT?
5. Any Expert can explain my third questions completely?
6. Thank you

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dan_blagutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Anyone can write down an reponse to your questions but I think you need to read for a better undestanding what is AD and User/Group.
Here you will find what each group does in Windows
But I think you need to read this

Good luck

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