IE7 Pop-up Blocker Blocking Too Much

I've got a text link on my website that opens a pop-up window when clicked. When IE7 has the pop-up blocker set to "Medium: Block most automatic pop-ups", it does not block it. This is great. This is exactly what I want.

On the other hand, I have a Flash movie that opens a pop-up window when clicked. With the same settings in IE7's pop-up blocker, it blocks the pop-up. This is NOT what I want.

Both the link and the Flash call the same javascript code to open the pop-up. Both operate onclick. One results in the annoying pop-up and the other doesn't. Neither is an "automatic" pop-up, and therefore I would think that neither should be blocked given the setting I have for IE7.

I believe the average person using IE7 has the blocker set to medium, like I do, and this is a problem. This pop-up is going to be getting a lot of traffic soon, and it needs to not be blocked. Any idea how to make IE7 recognize that it is NOT an "automatic" pop-up, so that it won't block it under the medium setting?

I have Macromedia Flash 8, if that makes a difference.
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SavongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure there's a good way to get around the pop-up blocker.  The issue, as I understand it is that since Flash is calling the Javascript and IE doesn't know about the click in Flash it can't determine if it is automatic or not, so it blocks it.  I personally haven't found a solution to this other than avoiding pop-ups, sorry.
timandkidsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment. I'm still hoping someone else will have an idea of how to do it. Experts Exchange launches pop-up windows automatically and I don't get the IE7 warning, with my pop-up blocker set to medium. How do they do it?
They probably do it outside of Flash, anything triggered from inside of a Flash movie (including calling javascript) will probably get caught by the blocker.  That's my experience anyhow.
timandkidsAuthor Commented:
I just made it an animated gif instead of a flash movie. This is a poor solution in general, but it works for me in this instance. It would be nice if someone has another solution, to post it, even though I'm going to claim that it is solved.
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