Outlook Rules for whole domain.

I am trying to apply a rule that will go to anyone in the domain: domain.com. I have tried: *@domain.com, @domain.com, domain.com and nothing is working. Is there a way to setup the rule so that anyone from the domain with have there catagory applied?

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David LeeCommented:
The rule needs to use the condition "with specific words in the sender's address".  For the address you'll enter "domain.com".  So, for example, to apply this to all messages coming from Yahoo, you'd enter "yahoo.com" (without the quotes of course).  For messages coming from Earthlink, which uses .net instead of .com, you'd enter "earthlink.net".
what kind of rule are you after?

if you want to apply a outlook GPO  you want to download the admin template for gpedit snapin
carrie_95843Author Commented:
I have a rule for several email address to be marked with a category when they arive. however i can't seem to make that rule apply to whole domain names. Is that just not posible? or am I doing something wrong?
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