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I am trying to print a document from internet but not  able to get the print properly. The charecters at the right margin are getting truncated. i have  set  the left and right margins to  the maximum ie. 0.166.. but still i'm not getting the full print..
Can i reduce the margin further or set it to 0.0
Is their a way to get the full print without  truncation?

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The printer margins are usually determined by the printer. It cant physically print to the edge of the page. Some printers print closer than others. You can set this in IE but it wont change much if the page you want to print is way bigger than the page layout.

Word takes the setting according to the print driver. It will let you know by giving you a message before printing like: Some of the text is out of the margins and may not print correctly&&

If you cant install any apps, then I would look into your printers option, like SteveG00000 suggested you might have a resize function you could use.

IE7 just incorporated this function. Most web developers will code the page to be printer friendly and even have a button to make it printer friendly if you want to print it.

You might be able to resize it with a PDF printer check the options. (If you have a virtual pdf printer)
Upgrade to IE7
Here are the features:
Internet Explorer 7 automatically scales a webpage for printing, so the entire webpage fits on your printed page. Print options also include adjustable margins, customizable page layouts, removable headers and footers, and an option to print only selected text.

If you still prefer not to upgrade there are some software that will resize your web page to fit your paper.
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

You could upgrade your browser or change to another one that may provide some more options.  If you actually design the website then make a print style sheet that will remove the items that are pushing the content to the right and adjust the print size and layout for print.  A style sheet for print can do a great job of doing this and will automatically be used by most browsers when you print.

If this isn't your site then I usually copy the page content into a text editor and print it from there.  Depending on the program some of the webpage content like images or formatting may even be copied.  However the program usually does better and recognizing margins and content than the browser, which usually ignores those things.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Dependant on what printer you are using you may have the options to Scale To Fit, this is found on my print options (HP Photosmart 8250) under preferences, effects & resizing options.

Hope this is of help.

MuraliPitaniAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the alternatives given to me by experts .

I cannot upgrade the browser cos' its my office system and we need approvals to load anything on our
systems. Secondly , this is  a 50 page documents containing graphics too which is difficult for me to paste and edit it.

a) So i am curious to know  if i have to set the margin to 0.0 ,where lies the limitation ..Is it on the application side or on the printer side  or the printer driver . i understand from your expert comments that the limitation is with browserfor IE6.0 and below. So IE 7.0 has taken care of it but how ? ..Is it temporarily changing settings inside the printer which 6.0 is not able to do it.

What about MS word ..I consider it an advanced application even it doesnt give me an option to  set  the margins to 0.0.

b)  Can somebody tell me  what is th  role of the printer driver in this Margin settings.

b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
Margins, especially minimum, are determined by the printer and its drivers.  Printer drivers let the OS and program know things like minimum margins.  However this isn't really a margin issue.  The issue is the program (the browser) in this case.  It isn't the printer but the browser that is cutting content off on the side.  Adjusting the margin setting for the printer may give you a little more on the side but that isn't really fixing the issue.  Unfortunately what you describe is common in browser because of the diversity, etc of web pages and content.

Since copying and the other options won't work what about printing in landscape.  In this case that is what I would do.  If the printer driver doesn't provide a way to "scale to fit" then it is your last resort to fix this.  The browser is sending info that is too wide for the page so to print it you can "widen" the page.

Let me know if you have a question about this or need more info.

You can of course select all the bits on the screen that you want and when printing select 'selection' ansd also set 'Fit to page' to 1 of 1, the printer should then resize to allow this.  

Some printers will also allow 'Border less' printing.
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