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deployment of an access application

I need to know what steps or whats the best way to deploy my access vba application..

My application references excel 2003, and MScomm control. So obviously if i copy the db, its not going to work in that machine...how do i deploy it to any random machine??

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Check MS to see if MSComm is redistributable; I think it is. If so distribute with your app. Be sure to check version (don't overwrite a newer one) and register it with regsvr32

If your app references Excel 2003 then it will work on any machine with Excel 2003 installed. You need take no other action.
Here's the info you need on MS Comm control

I'm not sure if you can adapt the C++ code to Access. You might have to write a small DLL in C++ and call it from Access. It's not going to be easy.

Pra4444Author Commented:
how do i distribute it with my application?? can you explain that step in detail?? Thanks
References don't have to be registered as long as the support files are in the same folder as the application.  When using reference files, you usually load the version you have in your specific PC.  If someone else doesn't have that version..... stuff happens (or doesn't happen).

One remedy is to view your references and notice where the support files are located.
Copy these files to your application folder.
Remove these references from the list and re-select them by selecting BROWSE (from the reference form) and selecting the ones you've copied to your folder.

Copy this folder to a server (or CD) and have your users copy to their own PCs.   The application will use these references FIRST.  If there not present, the operating system will examine the registry... and so on.

This is a common issue if you use Word references (or Outlook) where different folks have different versions... but they all have the same version of Access.  The app will crash due to the different reference file versions.

Scott C

You can try Scott's suggestion. The problem I believe with MSCOMM32.ocx is that you have to generate a run-time license with LICENSE.EXE and embed the license in your application (according to the MS KB articles). Since the actual application is MS-Access, not the .mdb, you will have to use Visual Studio to create a dummy dll that has the embedded license. You might have to route calls to MSCOMM32.ocx through this dll.  Then distribute the dll and MSCOMM32.ocx in your application's folder.

This appears to be a problem peculiar to MSCOMM32.ocx

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