Outlook 2000 meeting request no popup box after accepting.

When a user (one) get a meeting request in Outlook 2000, she clicks accept.  Usually a small popup box appears and askes if they want to edit and send a response, etc... this is not popping up anymore.  It gose straight from her pressing accept to her calander- It does NOT update back to the originator-it shows "no response" on the originators atendee list.  

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Hello DCrats,

At a first look I'd check they have not turned off responses.
(I'm running outlook 2002 here so the instructions might be a wee bit different)
In outlook click on tools, then options, then e-mail options, then tracking options.
Although supposedly just for read receipts, I'd check here under
"Process incoming requests and responces on arrival" (Ticked/checked)
And that "Never send a response" is NOT selected, but that "Ask me before sending a response" is selected.

Well, no response from the asker, we have no way to know if I was on the right track or even close.
Delete - No Refund seems to be the only choice really.
DCratsAuthor Commented:
methinks there is something wrong with her profile- works on another computer just fine

Please follow the instructins I posted in my Link above which explains how to close Q's.
Also, did you check the settings in Oulook like in the profile that isn't working like was suggested?

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DCratsAuthor Commented:
the checkmark are set correctly.  I think I will try to delete her normal.dot.
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