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I am new to IIS. I have inherited a Web server where the inetpub is located on the E drive.  All Temporary ASP.Net Files are still on the local c drive which is low on space.  How can I move the Temporary ASP.Net files to the E drive.  The web sites work, but since the c drive is critical on space, I need to move what I can.  I found the script to move the INETPUB folder and it looks like this was done,  But I am not sure about the other items listed in the script.
Jeanie Francis-HayesEnterprise Applications AdministratorAsked:
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GawaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well, once you have already moved the inetpub folder, the temp file will be saved next time on c drive also. i suggest you repartition your drives so that you can provide more space for C drive. use partition magic  ( is good for partition.
Even you will not loose any data.
You could upgrade hard drive  then migrate the files over, you can safely delete All Temporary ASP.Net Files  they'll recreate themselves the instant someone access your site
Jeanie Francis-HayesEnterprise Applications AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I am researching partition magic.  If it works, will let you know.  
Jeanie Francis-HayesEnterprise Applications AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I ended up moving all of my $NTUnstaill files which gave me a gig of space needed.  Thanks for your responses.
now the time for the AWARD :)
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