IBM WAS Portal Authentication Lost

We are running WebSphere Application Server (WAS) version running custom java code in the Portal environment.  After the user authenticates into Portal they are directed to a custom web page.  In this page we have a separate frame that is running code using Documentums (DCTM) Web Development Kit (WDK) java code that authenticates against the DCTM Content Server.  For some reason, when this DCTM frame loads and authenticates, it kills the authenticated WAS session so if the user attempts to click on a WAS portal link, it sends them back to the WAS login page.  However, the DCTM frame functions normally.
The implementation details:
The DCTM components are deployed on the Application server. These components are being invoked through http protocal by an other JSR 168 portal application which is running on the Portal server of the same instance. An Iframe is used where in the source of IFrame has been set with the component URL (For e.g http://IPADDRESS:9080/wdk/dctmcomponents). Once the frame is loaded with the targeted source, everything works fine with the iFrame but if user clicks on any other link on the Portal page, the user is directed to the login page. This happens without a IFrame also, i.e even if we call a simple javascript which opens a window with this URL, user is directed to the login page if he clicks on any other links on portal page.
For some reason, the Portal Session is getting killed if the Documentum components are accessed.
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try running it from a different browser instance (opposed to two browser woindows of the same instance)
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