Need to find the ip address of equipment not on the same subnet

The piece of equipment braodcasts it's ip address.  i know it has a different subnet configured than the one i'm on connected to it.  What can i do to listen for the broadcasted ip address?
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There are some ways:

1st: Ping (thinking device will respond) all spectrum of ip: from to> Impossible
2nd: Access to the devide by another way. If the device is a router, modem, printer, in most of cases you have another connection, use it. Also (in some cases) you can reset the device to initial configuration.
3th: Put your nic in promiscuous mode (if possible) and sniff all the traffic, you can do this with any TCP sniffer (search google or tucows) store log in a file, you don't need to wait a lot of time!
Search in  the log for IP add structure.


For promiscuous mode you need to download a specific driver.

Open a Remote Desktop to the remote subnet. Ping for all devices and obtain a IP map.
You can use a software like: Networkwiev (shareware); IPangry (free).
All tools can help you in discover it.

cmkeurAuthor Commented:
The local machine is connected to the macine in question through a switch.  I don't understand how i can "Open a Remote Desktop to the remote subnet" if i don't know what the remote subnet is.  The machine in question is just a box with nothing attached to it.
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Oh, I understand!

You are in the same physic network and different segment of IP addresses, then you are unable to contact with the other box.

It's OK?
cmkeurAuthor Commented:
yes that is it.  I know that the machine in question broadcasts it's ip address just don't know how to find it.
Download the Angry IP Scanner from SourceForge.

Symantec and other antivirus apps will detect it as a Hack tool. It is a great admin tool as you can in fact ping and find open ports from to!
May take a while but if its an actual subnet of your current ip scheme you can edasily narrow it down. It is tough to "listen" for a broadcast from an unknown IP on an  unknown port and an an unknown protocol, i.e. TCP or UDP etc.

Hope this helps you!

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